Seeking the unknown
And the mind
In an untold frustration
Of a make believe world
That no longer believes
In itself or its kind.

Hopes extinguished
In fear of the unknown
Was once a middle name
While your claim to fame
Ruined the fortress
Of innocent love
Peppered with serendipity
Twisted like a dried twig
Raining like dried leaves
Lifeless like a lady's wig
That had seen many an autumn
Now surrenders to a prosaic fall.

Without a sense of purpose
Spreads its poison ivy
Into the blood stream
Kills softly
Without a trace of evidence
And all one would know
Or come to know is
She lost a losing battle
And was foolish enough to try
What fate had pre destined
To deny.
Desperation comes as resounding waves
Ebbs and flows by.

by Shruti Goswami

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Desperation -Without a sense of purpose-Spreads its poison ivy. Very truly said everything in this poem really. Nice job on sharing.