JR (28/06/90 / Sheffield)

Set Me Free

I will start for love
And I will end for love.
You as a whopper
In love like a mother,
I didn't see why you
Let me captived in queue
Of infants of love.
You showed me love
So I ain't a dealer of dope,
So I know you will kiss me like a dove.
Set me free to know much about love
To teach some who are in hope
For having how to cope
In coping for stumbling in slope
Of love skillfully not like a drop
Of water that comes from top.

I'd been like a mopper
In love that is used in rooms
Not like a loafer
That is used for wearing by grooms
And Brides on preparation of marriage.
I will be caring about it
And I'll also be thinking about it
But if you set me free towards it
I can survive without loosing it.
I will be happy if you tell me
Who told you to close me
Because I know you will not
Do it without somebody's plot.
You'll never close me
Because I know you love me.

Please baby set me free
If you hanker me to be like a tree
That never got even hurt,
But as far I am in this hut
That is filled with hot
I will only remain hurt.

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Rudyard Kipling


Comments (7)

This is soooo good! Lovin' it =)
I loved the way you used the last word repeated on each line...this is very hard to do...willl a good idea that I should follow for my poem...but I have to get a powerful inspiration...Thank you for sharing your poem with us
yes, yes, yes. you kept the second verse and finished on a killer note. this is my personal favourite. you are a star.
umm, I can only say: This poem is Soooooo good. This poem's better than all the poems I study in school. If you publish a book on poetry, I will buy it. I never bought a book on poetry.
I like the linking repetitions here. Very original
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