Despite the heavy cross you bear and despite your recent sorrow
There are many in the World today who will not see tomorrow
There's always one worse off than you life can be very trying
And in some parts of the World today people of hunger dying
Despite the sadness that you know some are doing it far tougher
The road of life they travel on than your life's road far rougher
With tragedies and hardships they constantly are coping
But of the better times to come they never do stop hoping,
You hang in there though life on you is hard you are one worth admiring
That you can smile despite what you are going through I do find that inspiring
You smile in the face of despair though your feelings must be brittle
You make the most of your bad lot and your worries are far from little
And despite the heavy cross you bear for your sadness the trigger
Some well may even envy you for their life's cross is bigger.

by Francis Duggan

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