Despite Our Advancement

Despite our advancement in science and technology in wisdom most of us humans seem lacking indeed
Since we abuse the one who supplies us with our every need
Our amazing Earth Mother the one who feeds all
Living life forms including us humans from the great to the small
For the damage we are doing to our Earth Mother today
Future generations of people the huge price will have to pay
So much natural beauty being destroyed every day due to human greed
For the extinction of humanity are we planting the seed?
Every day for industrial development more trees are being cut down
And birds and animals losing out due to human industry in every city and town
This World is for us to live in and with other life forms for to share
So much damage being done to our Earth Mother to create every new billionaire
Due to our greed for materialism it does seem to me
That we are abusing our Earth Mother would you not agree?

by Francis Duggan

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