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Despite Overwhelming Evidence
( / Connecticut)

Despite Overwhelming Evidence

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Despite overwhelming evidence.
Conducted through years,
Of thorough investigations.
There are those delaying to expose,
The truth to reveal it.
Since many choosing to debate,
Whether or not the public can take...
What some are attempting,
To prevent anyone from becoming...
Shocked and horrified.

"I am only saying this...
If it is already known,
That ducks quack.
Hens lay eggs.
And cows do moo.
What difference will it make,
If we have uncovered the exact time...
This is done to do,
At separate places.
Although on the same farm.
No one is going to think of this,
As a terrorist conspiracy."

-This is still the unknown.
People are not as trusting.
Those days are gone.
I say...
Let's not include the ducks.
And concentrate our findings,
To just the hens and cows.
Since they are more commonly found,
On farms anyway.-

Who do we get willing to risk,
Not only their life but career.
By reporting this to the media.
Who other than myself,
Receives combat pay and retirement perks?
I'm not about to throw my pension away.
This news to reveal,
Could devastate the economy.
As well as amusement parks around the world."

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