Despite The Hardships You Endure

The World that you grew up in is a different World today
And the changes keep on happening that is progression's way
And life goes on as usual though time is ticking fast
We may have had our good days but we can't bring back the past,
In a World of much corruption great credit you are due
If to the higher principle you always remain true
But saying that is easy since words are not hard to say
It takes a special person for to live the honest way
With obligations to meet and always bills to pay
You find life a hard struggle as you live from day to day,
You feel God is against you if there is a God out there
And you have given up on church and given up on prayer
Yet despite the hardships you endure you never wish to die
And you always live the honest way and you never cheat or lie.

by Francis Duggan

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