Despite Wars And Famines

Despite wars and famines the World human population is on the rise
Seven billion plus and increasing a huge amount of people for our Earth Mother to feed many seem to realize
Yet despite all of this far more people are born every day than those who do die
I only talk of fact here and as you know fact never does lie

Despite Global Warming and Climate Change the human population on the increase by the day
That this is a cause for worry it does seem this way
For our Earth Mother coping with rapidly changing weather patterns it is a struggle indeed
For to grow food for so many people for to feed

Yet the Bishop of Rome with so many followers opposes all forms of birth control
He preaches to his flock that such sinful practices are damnation to the soul
And the poor Catholic mother of eleven children with another on the way
Says my child must be born the Pope i must obey

Due to the human need for more land and more homes to live in Nature's creatures losing out
That we have not learned from the mistakes of our ancestors does seem beyond doubt
The human population like wild rabbits do breed
Putting pressure on our Earth Mother with more mouths for to feed.

by Francis Duggan

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