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I want those words so despretly
I want the meaning that follows

when will you say them
four months five or six
let it be four or five

I want to be loved
I want the attension
I wanna be with you every single day
I want to be wrapped in your arms
So I can feel your warmth

I want your smile to warm my day
I wanna kiss you and hug you
from sun up to sun down wrapped in your arms

The safe feeling
noone will ever hurt me
Then the thought you could hurt me

The thought of us breaking up
brings tears to my eyes
and a knife to my heart

It was never this way when i fell in love before
i never felt guilty flirting

What has changed?
Is it your blond hair and blue eyes
your smile
your laugh
your smell
Well you have me hyponited
you left me wantng more

so when will you say the words
that i want so desprely

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