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Destination... Hell
CNG (5/13/1992 / shafter california)

Destination... Hell

destination... hell
nowhere else for me to be
all i want is to be burned
i have nothing left
her eyes burn through me like hot metal threw plastic
her smile devours me like a hungry wolf
not caring how i feel
turning my feelings to dirt
my love to nothing
tearing me apart inside out
make me better
take me away
let the clouds turn red
may the demaons circle me in the sky
carry me into the pits
drag me down
let my fingernails drag agianst the limestone
seperate my soul from my mind
challenge my thoughts
give me more pain
more suffering
give me what i deserve
take away my love
i dont deserve to have it
its useless, i throw it to the fire
feeding it with every feeling i had
burning me with her hatred
the sun turns to blood
as do i...

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Comments (2)

thats some awsomeness! i love it im just that dark > :)
very describetive! great job! relatable. its sad, but itll be ok. you'll be ok.