Destination Of The Night

The blood of an impatient desire
Is running through each channel of my body,
A distant voice comes
And sweetens my all existence,
The goblet and the decanter of wine are
In search of the blood of an impatient desire,
A soft fall of steps of a shadow
Fills in the air with spring,
A dreamlike portrait fills my eyes with love,
A soft fall of steps and the shadow are
All hustle bustle of the tavern,
A perception scatters light all around,
A desire descends from stairs of the heart
Upon the destination of night,
Colours and scents sway all around,
On the arrival of yours,
The magic of night came down
Upon the recesses of heart in such a way
As all sides around colours and light began to rain,
Flowers and fragrance began to dance,
Routes themselves became destination,
On your arrival at each step
Wishes get themselves embellished,
Pulsations of the heart love your dewy moments
With warm breaths, wishes move on yet step by step,
On the soaked costume,
Seeing you from top to toe,
A tumult emerged in my breathing,
A fragrance is spread to the distant lane
Of your tone in my discourse,
It is an ardent desire of my heart
That tonight my hands should hold yours,
I should see myself into your half opened eyes,
Then I should take you to the shade,
And see your entire physic amid the glade.

Written by Ronaq Hayyat
Translated by Muhammad Shanazar

by Muhammad Shanazar

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Words are like magic in this beautiful poem