Destination-Restoration Road By Gio Masserati

Destination-Restoration Road

a man sang and sang the words out
the band played and played their intruments round
they rocked the house and brought it down
and 'WoW' the crowds with stage presence

they travelled far to sing their songs
this band even bringing a dog along
they piled equiptment into amor bus
then all filed in not giving a fuss
selling merch along the way
to pay for gas and pave the way

long hours they drove and rode and rode
reaching destinations on their tour
they always make it to the show
my band is dedicated to success
but more importantly
they have formed
a band of brothers

one day they meet a revelation on the road
they are shaken to their 'core'
'We Need to Grow! '
in unison this scream is sang
'We the Band Must Die to Live! '

the music stops
the men Repent
they ask Jesus to 'Come In'
they're Hearts are Cleansed
now Forgiven
opened eyes
all Believe in Him

Restoration Road lies ahead
the sign posts will lead them
to where they'll be going

they Celebrate and write new songs
and kick the old that kept them down

they're movin and groovin to a different beat
this band's more 'On Fire' now
Electricity undeniable
their Maker preparing to one day meet

with drums set up and sticks in hand
and red quitars strung to play this band
the singer checks the microphone
and subtly thanks the 'Upstairs Man'

they play, play, play, til two a.m.
band rocking out to Promised Land
lead singer bringing tears with songs
this grown miracle has reached
into life's inner throngs

my band has touched the Amazing Grace
no lookin' back
they'll run this pace
will win this race

their music annointed now by God
they lift their instruments up to high
talents and voices blessed in strength
they humbly bow on knee
giving Glory to the Leader of their band

the beautiful man sings and sings and sings his heart out
the Godly men play and play and play to fullfillment
they have a mission
now it's 'New! ' with freshness
redefined by their passionate collaborations led
of not just few, but all it's members

sold out to Him

sold out concerts everywhere
they press on now with a fervent vision
this band's 'On Fire' and spreading fast
they're growing like the flames they share
now playing music because they Care

my band is jamming like never before
and front man singing and singing
his transformed heart out
'More! ', they Cry out, 'More! '

by Gio Masserati

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Band played instruments and man sung. Restoration Road lies ahead. Celebrating life with writing songs and singing matters a lot. An amazing poem n is shared here basing on perception.10