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Destined To Be Alone
ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

Destined To Be Alone

Poem By Amy Louise Kerswell

And so it shall be.
My fate is to be all alone.
I can't trust people now.
I've been hurt far to many times.
I thought you were my good friend.
But you flipped and went for me with a knife.
I trusted you but this is what you did.
I told you my darkest secrets and I told you my fears.
But you repayed me with chasing me with a knife.
What did I do so wrong?

I've trusted others too.
But they hurt me aswell.
Really why did I expect it to be any different?
I should have known.
You can't trust anyone in this life.

So I'm destined to be all alone.
My faithfull cats for company cos in them I can trust.
They are allways right by my side.

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