I am He from the beginning,
long before worlds came to be,
Who sought to bring to pass redemption;
Who sought to bring men back to Me!

Come to me, my son: my daughter,
enter now into my space.
Sit, and partake of the knowledge
of life within the human race!

You shall enter through the veil.
Much shall you forget therein.
You will receive the flesh and bones
and, thereby, be akin to sin.

Brought to you will be my Gospel,
You will face the sacred choice:
The gentle Lamb, or the serpent?
My Lamb shall cause you to rejoice!

Be even as the Lamb, my child,
for, He shall be your guiding light.
He will be your source of strength
through thin of day, through thick of night.

Remember Me, remember Him,
and live your life with purity.
Hope all things, endure all things
with faith, and prayer, and charity.

Bring to pass much righteousness,
and suffer all temptations passed.
As Satan seeks to steal your virtue
through winds an hail, you shall last.

'Come follow Me' the Lamb has said
to every kindred, tongue, and nation.
Walk the path that he has laid:
The path that leads to exaltation!

For, so, this life is but a gift.
And, also, it shall be a test.
Do these things, and you shall enter
safely back into my rest!

by Chris Schleier, Jr.

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