GM (01-09-89 / Chesterfield)


I live life because life lives me,
I try to see the real meaning
Of the lives that we lead,
Each time I search,
All I seem to see,
is a mirror with an image
reflecting me.

Is fate a truth
or just a word that we use
whenever were in doubt,
is this the excuse

guilt is a feeling,
that we experience through time.
any way we deal with it
it wont disappear from life.

happiness is great,
so long as it doesn’t change,
we feel good inside,
but what makes us feel this way.
how long is it,
before the greatness goes away,
Is it the falling of the rain,
or a bad day.

Where do I search for the words that I need,
to express all the emotions I forget to relieve,
intelligence means nothing,
I should know
it doesn’t take a genius to show how they feel.

Time can only tell
where our lives will ever go,
we cant do anythng
but see it for ourselves.

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Your poetry has feeling Gary Its good as it is your own It's kool too. Mike