AO (December 7,1989 / Mexico)


Aphrodite promised your return on Beltane
I hang to her words with the last hope
Love can give.
Spring is still young
The wheel of life must turn.
The moon must pass before
You come to me

What if you don’t come?
What will it be of me?
No, Aphrodite will not abandon
A daughter of light;
A daughter of fire;
A daughter of the forest;
For the gods are bound to me
As I am to you, my love.

Love, god’s sacred gift to us
Becomes my curse
Every minute you are not with me.
Becomes my burden
Every second you are away from me.
Becomes my death
Every moment you are far from me.

What is my destiny?
To be waiting for you?

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Wow! I really enjoyed this poem very much. I have just recently been thinking of destiny. thank you for sharing.
Waiting can be a fruitless endeaver... rather, writing seems more your destiny. Well done, Alejandra! Brian