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Destiny Awaits
DT (08-04-1964 / Louisville, KY.)

Destiny Awaits

Poem By Dave Tendell

Within the Heavens so far far away
Above the cottony clouds that float astray;
Like a mass of ants anticipating left over crumbs in a picnic basket, my loved ones patiently wait
Just inside the famous arches of Heaven’s doorway at the renowned golden gate.

Like an orphaned youngster, I miss them from deep within
A tear falls as I realize I will in no way see them alive again.
In my past, if I needed them like my reliable shadow, they always seemed to be there.
As a whole, they provided most everything; food, love, and even clothes to wear.

Memories fade with the passing of a running clock’s endless tick.
First I was young, vibrant and healthy; then in a flash I turned old grumpy and sick.
At first I focused on living, often feeling intense sorrow for those that had it rough.
Then I got weak and feeble; feeling tired: It seems I endured enough.

One by one my loved ones have departed like airport planes that had somewhere else to be.
At first my nearest and dearest were mainly older, then my age, finally much younger than me.
Today, I have known more that have past away then the ones I know that are still here.
I found dying as does existence itself becomes a reality not just a young man’s fear.

As I age, I increasingly look forward to entering Heaven’s golden gate.
Like a huge gathering, more and more of my loved ones await.
But I realize, God must have more for me on earth down here.
I consider this as I smile, hug my wife, and wipe away a lonely tear.

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