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Destiny Breaks Silence
CA (8/8/1991 / )

Destiny Breaks Silence

Looking back on my life I have not one regret
There is no moment that I wish to forget
I've captured memories in my heart as I've made my way
I'm proud of how I chose to live each day
All my years that I've lived I've been surrounded by light
Worries take over when it turns to night

Where will I be in ten years down the line?
Will I be surrounded by sunshine?
Will I find the talent that suits me best?
Will I have completed my quest?
Will I find that special guy or will he make his way to me?
Could we be brought together by destiny?
Will I sit in that big house with my awards framed on the wall?
Could it be in a cottage with a mess all over the floor?

Dreams and wishes don't come true
What you do with your life depends on you
My childhood dream was to turn sixteen
It's finally here and now I don't feel keen
I look into the flame while my thaughts are lingering
I blow out the candle and find out what the year is destind to bring...

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