Destiny? - Infinity!

There comes a time of no more morrows,
of no more smiles, and no more sorrows.
A time when time itself will be no more!
When the earthly rich, join with the poor!
When those left behind to grieve and mourn,
become aware, that on the day they are born,
whether of the richest rich, or poorest poor,
Destiny, allows not one single moment more,
than we're allotted.There's nothing we can do
to extend our tenure on earth. We cannot change
our span, nor bargain with another in exchange
for a longer life!Nor can changing our ways
ever allow us to extend our apportioned days.
Although our departure remains unknown,
we are aware, there's comes a day we must atone
for all our actions, in our brief tenure on earth,
and judgement will be rendered, when our worth
has been assessed by those who later follow.
Whether our actions are worthy or merely hollow,
will not concern us one iota. Being out of reach
of our time of reckoning.That will come for each
of us on Judgement Day. Tis then our determined fate
will be reviewed from records that bear witness, and relate
to our earthly deeds. Whilst ill deeds may bear later shame,
good deeds will bear witness of a worthy life.Our name
may be recalled with pride, or ignored in a later chronicle,
but facts that prevail, may later prove to be somewhat ironical
as opinions change, when the truth of events becomes known.
Such is the destiny we cannot change, for it is set in stone!

Rhymer.January 6th,2018.

by Denis Barter

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destiny we cannot change. predetermination may kill all our initiatives in our life......... we can always change our future by working hard........ that is my belief...... thank you dear poet.. tony