Destiny's Role

Poem By Joseph Walrath

My hearts wish
It’s hard to define my heart
No words can express
Wishing we never part

I’m ever so selfish
Your life belongs to others
Destiny’s role ever so clear
Accept you or allow another

Candy comes with sugar
Soda with caffeine
Some are nice
Yet others are mean

Showing my soda and candy
Not the sugar or caffeine
Blind to the effects
Of what is not seen

Seasons come and go
Sugar and caffeine eat away
My heart is unsure
Whether to go or stay

I’ll always love you
In my heart my dear
Yes destiny’s role
Is ever so clear

Comments about Destiny's Role

there is some interesting visuals/abstractions/clarity going on in this piece...I'm not sure how it all really ties together...after reading it, I feel like I've come upon you in a dark room, you were alone writing your thoughts and I've butted in...I related to it, so that's all that matters... :) pen on!

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