Destiny The Driving Force

Destiny is controlled by the mighty gods.
It swirls like a massive whirl pool.
No mortal being can escape it's hold.
Destiny controls our every action.

Destiny makes sure we take the right path in life.
Without a person taking a desired path the universe will go out of balance.
Balance of fate is essential.
The thread of destiny is so tangled that's why destiny is so uncontrollable by mortals.

Destiny goes around and around.
It never stops swirling.
Such an active force.

Mortal beings can't control what happens to them.
If it's negative or positive.
Destiny and fate are the same thing.
They intertwine when two people are in love.

Destiny carries people to their purposes in life.
It's a driving force.
Scientist can't figure it out.
It's the most complex thing second to the universe.

by Vega Destiny Star

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lovely. destiny is in our hands too.