! Destiny: Thou Remained Enigma.

It is here, in the veins and I can feel it,
The dusk of life, the nearing of days.
And here I am, with thoughts to
Grab an image of charm, of scenic fragrance,
And there exists a city; oft I’ve dreamt about it,
I think of creating it,
Of digging it from my imagination.
But then I hesitate,
Because for me is written, determined,
Destined: To suffer, to bear and
Keep on doing it, am so good at
Doing it all.
So why do I even think of creating
A place where I am not even allowed to live.
A sad note to end the life,
All the wishes, dreams, like stones
Lie heavy on my eyes.
The wells dried and tears don’t roll over,
They forgot to lament over dead things,
Be it dreams or wishes.
All around me the ghosts of things
Unsaid, untold, loveless and cruel,
Be with me; to make me feel and
Prepare for the days to end.

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