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Destiny V.S Fate
CJ (8-17-91 / Maury County, Tennessee)

Destiny V.S Fate

Poem By Crystal Johnson

Down the road of destiny
you see your future life
you see your future children
and you see your future wife

Walking down your path of fate
you lose grasp of all your dreams
you cant find your accomplishments
you lose site of everything

Which path to take, you cant decide
but now you have to choose
on one its what you gain that counts
and the other its what you lose

You must pick now, your time is up
which road will you now take?
maybe the path of destiny
or even the path of fate.

Life or death.......which matters most
you should've thought before,
before you decided to get drunk
and you drove down to the store.

You knew that it was comming
your mom said dont drink and drive
maybe you should've listened
and you might still be alive.

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Comments (9)

Do you believe in fate? Have you no choice? Ivy
I like the thought behind this poem, but I looked destiny and fate in the dictionary, and they mean the same thing - a predetermined course of events. So, did you mean to show opposites, or was there just no choice? Scarlett
very very nice i like it. Lylyanna
I have gone through a few episodes in my life that are much like this one. Where friends were killed by drunk drivers and visa versa. It is a hard ordeal to go through and I agree with you about telling it with a good message that accompanies it.
Wrtitten with someone in mind Crystal. Great pacing and structure. Regards Denis Joe