Beneath The Mask

What if beauty lies in the blink of our eyes?
What if true love can only be heard in our silent cries?
What then would be the truth in our lies?
With my genetics and chromosomes intact,
Am i just like any man with no impact?
A descendant of Oliver which is fact,
Who is in love with all that he lacked, ,
Even beyond what his capacity can contract.
We can only examine life,
Judging not that which we can't create in afterlife,
For beauty may ward off sin as a wife,
But underneath we are all the same in the realm of life.
We are on a fence today for which path to tread,
Showing the reflection of who we really are ahead,
But at the end, our smile may speak perfection which we dread,
Trust me, our nature doesn't make any difference even when we are dead.
With the brightness of tomorrow,
Warding off our tides for morrow,
Would there be any difference in this world of sorrow?
If true identities can be seen in fitted shirts and polo,
Then how many more will fall into the deceitful faces we carry just to glow.
Our past are gone and so we are anew,
Then i could still feel my nudity like the first set of human even in dew,
Truly I'm not the only one feeling this though we might be few,
But i think human heart is a replica of stone that needs to rue.
#Veritas, Anoris, Amare
TEE-THOMAS (Fearless Lines)

by Oluwatosin Thomas

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I agree. Annabell wrote the truth.
Every creature is born to die.....simple well known truth.....
destiny is such a fate you'll not know anything about it