Destoyed Dreams

Poem By Faduma Fiasco

let me introduce you to my freind trey james wanted to what he could 2 end up in fame sky waz the limit for this young man srry to say trey had a bad day

it started out with his freinds they werent good enough so he found another group they was doing stuff to drown away all the pain, either pop, sniff watever he could getting wasted like they knew he should.
Fame and college didnt matter anymore just when he was gonna get his next dose at the corner of the drug store soon enough trey caught up with the game wasnt a fame game but a lame game
this is not the type of fame he wanted to get sittin' in his room triyin' to forget that he stole lied and cheated soon it was clear to him he was defeated. by the block, his freinds, family and more if only trey had thought of this before.
a couple of weeks passed trey's face faded
all around the block trey was hated
his dreams were dying, so was he! finally trey got up to leave
the game, the money, the girls and all
he wont be there with them when they all fall
wanna know about trey on his successful path
been sober for 3 years and 1/2
chillin with his family paying his respects to all those loved
ones his drug craze had affects
this is a lesson we could all learn from trey if you have somthing to say, dont let the block trick you, make you think you got issues, always say no, give it up and go, to where your loved, by all and more,
and they will help you acheive your goals and SOAR! ! ! ! !

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I don't know- well I actually I do know how you write great poems but man I still am in awe of how great of poems you write....

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