When twilight falls in shades of blue.
I turn my gaze towards the west
where clouds adopt a rosy hue
The setting sun goes to his rest.
The rosy glow soon fades away.
Pale blue deepens to Indigo
and marks the passing of the day.
This is the hour when I know
The stillness and the quietude
the peace which will refresh my soul
My heart is filled with gratitude.
The silence plays a major role.
Each evening, anew I find
solace for my troubled mind.

by ivor or ivor.e hogg

Comments (5)

Poet, this is my favorite time of day. The colors you wrote in this poem take you from day into paradise. Beautiful and Brillant Poetry.....'ENJOYED'
Growing Younger, resting the 'Muscle Brain' DESTRESSED :)
Nice poem... full of colors Ivor! Even in distressed there is also a soothing rest! Thanks again Ivor. high marks.
Praise for your poem in blue. It speaks peace to my soul. Take care. Warm regards, Sandra
Ivor, This is a wonderful poem. Very enchanting and very visual. I can see the colors from pale blue deepening to Indigo. A very calming effect your poem has on it's reader! Good work! Fondly, Ashley xo