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ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)


Poem By Amy Louise Kerswell

Her sits a girl sad and all alone.
She wishes she could have a happy life.
She only wants to be free.
But bad memories stain her heart.

Rape and abuse all her life.
It was all she ever knew.
Right from the start and the beginning.
The girl wishes for a knew tommorrow.

She sits all alone.
The memories and the voices.
Getting to her once more.
She hates it all but what can she do?

Her heart has died.
And she has been destroyed.
She can't trust now.
All men seem to be her enemy.
She wont go far alone.
She hates going out.

Her sits the girl.
All locked away.
She hides herself away hating the world.
Inside her shttered heart she is destroyed.

Rape messed up her head
And it wrecked her heat soul and mind.

Her shattered heart lays on the floor in bits.
May it forever rest in peace

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