Destroying Da Cycle

Poem By Eliseo Rivera

I will kill ur hopes n dreams
N in da end
u'll be nuthing more than suicidal machines
Cuz nuthing is wat it seems
Ur whole life is a lie
Knowing thiz ur hopes r begining to die
Decentagrating wit da light of day
Ur dreams slowly fade away
I will take back watz rightfully mine
N let u be consumed by da sands of time
So just get in line
Wit all my other failures
Ur just another lie
In my dark gray sky
N yet I made da same mistake I always make
I left my heart open for u to take
I swore my heart never to reveal
But u opened da gates which kept my heart sealed
Not knowing ur intentions were to steal
I let u walk into my life
Simulating da false image of my future wife
I thought u were da sun to shine away all my clouds
But witout da mask I know wat ur all about
Ur true identity comes out
I guess it was ur plan frm da start
To come into my life n steal my heart
But now dat u've torn my life apart
Revenge is wat I seek
I've already discovered a leak
N altough I am weak
I'm not stupid
I gained ur trust
N I'll use it against u if I must
I know ur darkest secret frm which u r ashamed
N although itz not da same
I'm willing to make an exchange
Give me back my heart
Give me back my love
Give me back my soul
So I can finally let go
Let go of these memories
Dat tormented me throughtout my history
Which replaced love wit misery
N in return I shall not speak
Da past dat makes u weak
N brings u trembling down to ur knees
Etheir way u lose
N if u refuse
I'll just let ur consious take its course
Cuz sooner or later
U'll have a feeling of regret or remorse
Cuz after all emotions r wat makes u a human being
Witout them u'll be nuthin more dan a suicidal machine
Wit no reason to live
No reason to recieve nor give
A mindless drone
Left in this world all alone
I'm describing these feelings to u
So u can understand wat u put me thru
I felt like a defenseless child
Like a pet abondend in the wild
U killed all my hopes n dreams
Converting me into a suicidal machine
Itz just a neverending repeated cycle
Dat changes every1 who interveins
Destroying all ur hopes n dreams
I've realized dat itz a chain
Linking us together making us all da same
Sharing da same pain
Sharing da same mentality
Existing in da same reality
Erasing all of our fantasies
I kno it happend to u before
But I can't let this continue anymore
I have 2 stop this curse
Before it gets any worst
I just need my heart back to make this work
Vengence will be mine
Its just a matter of time

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