Destroying Something 'Beautiful'

The look you percieve is nothing more then smoke and mirrors,
And it's becoming clearer that when everything is gone you look like nothing more then the 'ass' you deem onto me.

You see yourself happy with what seems to be your future,
Just watch out for the knife he carries so silently by his side.
It may be filled with love but with one stroke you'll end up finding yourself on the floor wondering why.

I've forgotten him, I've moved past that waste of air
And believe me you make a better pair, because when we were together it was like squeezing a circle into a square.

Your face is made up of what's left on my shoe after the rain,
And the name you call yourself, truly defines what you really are; PLAIN.

I'm not here to hate you, before I knew this I wished you well,
But now you've broken that shell, crossed over the line and struck me when my back was turned.
And now on this day I bow to you and prepare you for my return.

Say all that you can say about me,
Wish me the most unluckiest of luck.
Hate me so much that you'd pay to see me get run down by a truck.

But it won't be me that'll I'll pity,
Because you'll never see what I saw.

I know what you hold,
I've held him once before and knew what he was.
But you, you won't see because your blinded by the aura of his presence.

I'll walk away taking away all the luck and success that you don't deserve.
And throwing them away in a dumpster where you reserve the right to live.

by Christina Ramirez

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Hello poet Christina, an interesting poem. LC