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Destruction Of A Man
ST ( / Scarborough, Ontario Canada)

Destruction Of A Man

Poem By Sara Turner

Can you see my face hovering in your dreams and
think of how it could have been?
Have you ever been rushed by my memory and
wish things had been different?
When I think of you can I haunt your thoughts
Like the ghost that haunts your eyes?
To have so much pain locked in the depth of your heart
Only a frozen image, a shell not containing the man,
Apathy, scorn, but I have no pity,
For it was you who chose your path,
Afraid to look at who you are,
To accept that it is you who must change,
Regretting and still living a memory better forgotten,
Release yourself from the destruction you have bound
yourself to,
If it's guilt, it's festered far too long,
Do you think of how you affected my life,
And feel no shame with how you changed me?
I am so much stronger than you,
I can accept now what will never be,
I dream of you sometimes,
Waking up to reach for you,
Only to realize you are real only when I sleep
Just for a moment does my heart reach out,
Sharing with you my secret,
But the memory now is almost gone,
No longer do I search to find that abandoned dream,
Nor will I be alone for within my heart I accept love again,
And within my life?
I will never relive your pain.

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