TTO ( / Washington State)


Anxiety creeps thru the maze of my being
As sorrow overtakes my soul
A downpour of tears - a reflection of years
breaking my spirit - once whole;

Wisdom has come much too late
So many truths now in clear sight
Broken by all of the betrayal
Exposed your 'pretense'once concealed by night;

So many years i was totally deceived
Counted on as an easy 'Puppet Mark'
Lead down the path of near destruction
Too many years spent in the dark;

Bringing on many illness's shared by 'insiders'
Tell me, when did healers turn bad?
Perhaps corrupted by addiction's or greed?
Missing the goodness - that life once had;

Connections, connections - seemingly everywhere
From Austin, Texas to Abilene - -
So many signs - cryptic- yet casually presented
As in 'Details' from a published magazine;

Torture seems to be your calling cards
Sadistic - yes, rooted in your very core
I have no room in my life for liars & criminals
'Past'- i do not live there anymore.

By, Theodora Onken (c) All Rights Reserved

November 15,2015
9: 21 PM
Sunday night

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Thank you Joe for reading and the nice comment.
Great poem-I really enjoyed it...Thanks!