Details On Attack

Details on attack

I love the language, old, ancient
Broken is it; rocks off mountain
It rolled down, now turned stone
In river hits the sides; it softens
Finally at beaches sand on sands
It is silky, Kashmiri, nice cloths

Like the kids with buckets I sit to
Fill sand or empty, playing game
I feel its deep richness with steps
See thousands of poems, proverbs
A mirror shows todays, regardless
Bittersweets, or a thing, to happen

I read it curious; follow the stories
Two soldiers were murdered; men
Dirty reflecting, slogans in graffiti
Takes me far too far; pearl hunting
"Don't eat much-vomit; little kills"
It is simple: "Must avoid extreme."

Long we've claimed wise-being
Act wildly as balloon emptying
Excess gas inside it; wandering
Here, there, hitting wall, on fire
In running aimlessly to melting
A wise old sees correct in adobe

by Nassy Fesharaki

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