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Detective Rambo The Second

The door flew open
In a shower of splinters
Throught the smoke that billowed around
In the fog a silhouette
Pulled out a gun
And fell over dead.
Behind him stood a man
Meet Detective Rambo.

Through the cheers of the crowd he strode
Spitting on the dead body
He examined the corpse for identity
Suddenly through the windows burst
Five gunmen
Chasing the Queen
Detective Rambo
Did a flip
and pulled the Queen behind him

Bang! Bang!
Three were down but more jumped through the window
And were surprised when a hail of bullets met there coming
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
Bodies were piled on the floor
Detective Rambo turned to the Queen
But it was no Queen
It was a gunman in disguise
Rambo fell to the floor
Apparantly hurt

The gunmen grouped round his boy
And let out a evil laugh
But Detective Rambo smiled to himself
For the shot had missed
Suddenly he flew into the air
Suspended by a grappling hook
He swung down
Saving all the people who worked in the building

He flew onto the roof an jumped into his helicopter
He fired a missile into the building
killing all the gunmen
Apart from one,
The killer

Bullets sprayed around him like a shower
With soap
And a rubber duck
And water which

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Barry, I learned something today! I would have sworn that smoking that was illegal in Scotland too! B.V.A.