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M (Sept 6,1990 / )


Poem By Meghan

I know if I put it that way
I would lose you
the way it is now
gives a little and takes a little
it's a beautiful thing
to have anything from you
but it tears me up inside
and steals more
to know I can't have it all
I can dropp any feeling
and I can leave any place
in this stale hot chamber
of a body my heart dwells
and everytime I ignore emotions
deny feelings, leave places
my 'heart' breaks a little
love is the food
they slip you through the bars
and lately it seems
they have taken to rationing
or they string it up two inches
from your reach
and play a
twisted game...

I wonder why
I'm always the toy
for their amusement
but it must be pretty funny
to see a sick little fish
always take the bait...

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Comments (2)

Good work Meghan, what else i could say, you are special on your own way, beautiful mind, i can tell. thanks for sharing my dear Meghan. Best regards, Mary: :)))
this is beautiful. you can tell what kind of person someone is by the way they write and i can realy tell you are special. keep up the good work you are amazing xoxo caitlin