SR (july / texas)


“Mom” she says, “I’m going to play the piano
just for you.” she enrolled in lessons
after a while gave up, lost interest never again did she.
Nothing was learned, nothing gained.

“Mom” she says, “I’m going to be a dancer
just for you! ” she stayed in a little longer.
Got bored gave up lost interest never again.
Nothing learned nothing gained no knowledge.

“Mom”she wails, “I want you back
I loved you voice.” a idea comes to her.
I thought stays there thinks more and more.
It’s possible!

“Mom” she says, “ I’m going to be a singer
just LIKE you! ” she wants this she works at this.
The high notes are hit, the songs are sung, the voice
is better even good. Things were learned, interest was gained
a love was made.

“Mom” she says, “I did it!
A little determination and I did it!
I am a singer just like you! And now
I’ll sing for you!

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