Development Based Politics Is The Need Of The Hour!

All difficulties people undergo due to politics ruling in all walks of life sure;
Best form of government is surely democracy only, but it needs reforms relevant;
Careful selection of candidates for the elections should be democratically chosen;
Democracy of the people, by the people and for the people should be real sure..!

Efficient, effective and excellent government is what everyone wants to have ever;
Fooled and stupefied by swaying politicians, the uneducated masses vote false ones;
Good governance seems to be possible only in dreams of the people forever and ever;
Hype in all dealings by the govt. just fascinates and fools people sans an end sure!

In every walk of life corruption being made into culture, all functions only by it;
Just making gimmicks as if actions are taken to eliminate corruption are a hoodwink;
Keeping track to find the route cause of the matter no one seems to give importance;
Lackadaisical way of routine after years together maintaining, how can it be rooted out?

Many are affected by government's sudden drastic action keeping friends safe forever;
No one seems to have confidence if a govt. does so to gain people's faith for vote;
Open talks of criticism against each other in politics show no way out of such matter;
People are fooled by putting into troubles and sufferings endless by all acts of govt.

Quantity at the cost of quality in all works cannot make a nation top in the world;
Reforms to make things go on fair ground are the utmost need of developing nations;
Somehow all things cannot be made to function as desired by many sans quality education;
Thinking on correct details of all matters only, all will have clear picture to do better!

Unanimous approval by both rulers and people will surely make nation go on right track;
Vary ways and means by which if all things are dealt with, soon progress real is possible;
World of surplus can be seen only by cooperation and coordination in all fields by unity;

X and Y like nations if developed by knowledge and work, they are sure to shine better;
Years of efforts to unite all nations under one governance by UNO have to be geared up;
Zeal to achieve all in all respects is possible, if one world union is established soon!

by Ramesh T A

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