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Deviant Pauses~

My time here seems to be unfolding into chaos...
A cold pillow of indifference for you awaits...
With enough to turn you off for a life time...
Enough for your perverted, deviant plate;
Your sexual inuendo's are grossly swollen...
Nausea pervades my stomach and soul-
Your aging chemicals have rewired your synapse's
Your neurons and dendrites are loosing control;
Obviously, you are into nasty wet beds...yuk!
But you would turn blue waiting on me...
You will be sitting 'til Hell freezes over...
You and your crude/vulgar foot fetish legacy;
Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex is all that's on your brain...
Perhaps you are doing way too much crack! ! !
You wouldn't recognize love if you had it and you don't! ! !
My life is full of real love and that is a fact! ! ! ! ;
So, finally get rid of those sick DELUSIONS...!
For, i have no feelings for you at all! ! ! !
Even stopped thinking of you as a friend, long ago...
You make my tummy sick with your gall! ! ! ! ;

By: Theodora Onken

July 15,2012

Why not try Beverly Or Cheryl
They are personal friends
Of yours and interested in
The very same things you are.
Birds of a feather belong together!

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