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Devil Created By Man
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Devil Created By Man

Through shame and guilt as time and souls might forbid
What if GOD never created the Devil, but man did,
What if the Devil had come from man's own imagination
Now he is known and feared and loathed in every country and nation.
The father tells his child not to stare at the sun or he will go blind
And if he ever does evil to anyone, him the Devil will find.

Where could the Devil live, man then might had thought
In the heavens with GOD, where love and peace is sought,
Maybe the Devil should exist without form and be an evil spirit
And his home is for the lifeless, so he lives in a fiery pit.
The Devil of course needed a place to rule and also a home to dwell
So maybe man then decided to create him a dominion, so he called it hell.

What if because of man's Devil, man then had to create himself a religion
As man was easy and gullible, and he is timid as a pigeon,
Man must always be told what to do and say and also how to live
And always for his soul and salvation, money and gifts to the church he must give.
If you are not good and obedient, the Devil will grab and take your soul
Then into the fiery pits of hell screaming, he will drag you down below.

What if all that we know and see, GOD alone did create
But, as for lies and sin, the Devil was man's fabricated fate,
Maybe hell and that fiery pit with demons was man's own fabrication
Man could never build a Heaven, but a hell could be his own creation.
A place is saved for evil and sinners, so to goodness sinners might want to reform
Maybe man gave birth to the Devil and his beliefs, and that gave him a form.

Through pain and suffering and hardships and all that GOD will permit
Towards happiness and goodness and truth, man is always unfit,
Could man have made the Devil to give himself and everyone a faith and a belief
Heaven is a place for the righteous, now there is a place for suffering and grief.
If you are good and sinless in heaven someday you will reside
But, now because of the Devil, in hell the sinners will go after they have died.

Randy L. McClave

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