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Devil Eyes
ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

Devil Eyes

Poem By Amy Louise Kerswell

You had eyes like the devil.
So red and angry.
You were by far vile.
You were and are pure evil.

You have eyes of the devil.
You are evil.
Your a match for santon himself.

All you can do is hurt little girls.
Its all you know how to do.
You hurt me and probaly others.

You had a smile of the devil.
To go with your devil eyes.
You were luaghing the whole time.
As I lay crying.
Begging you to stop.
But you were the devil.
And the devil dosent stop.

I was 11 when you had your go.
But rape was all I had known.
You werent the first
And you werent the last.

By bludy god I hate you.
Your worse than the devil.
But you have the devils eyes

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I always described the same eyes you are talking about as, 'Devilish lust filled eyes.' Eyes are such a powerful thing...