The Fight Of My Life

I'm falling! I'm falling! Will I ever get up?
Before I hit the Red Rocky ground and forever give up.
So many Thoughts that are buried inside my brain.

I will never get them out unless I have a glory rain.
Unless I can die that's the only way to live.
For only the afterlife is where I will truly forgive.

Look in my eyes and tell me a lie.
And I will tell the truth and forever I will die.
The all white covered man is the only one to trust.
For the people around him are nothing but cold dust.

The Red Guy will somehow take over my life.
Unless I can never loose and keep up this fight.
How is it that I am still alive?

Does the white covers guy watch over me so that I don't die?
Suicidal thoughts will forever take over my brain.
And watch this suicidal demon forever hold on to my chain.
And the fight of my life will no longer be a game.

by Austin Davis

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Gile jago ui cris OI bule'2 ini yang buat puisi teman aku lho jago kan dy? translate: You're the best chris rich to the top 500 in poem hunter! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
The downward spiral can teach you important lessons so that you can appreciate the goodness life has to offer.Just don't get stuck in the can take all your spiritual strength to understand its meanings.Very good poem.Since the universe is dual in nature this becomes a very deep subject to ponder its myriad meanings.A ten for form and provacative thoughts.If you get a chance please read my SPEAK OF LOVE.Thank you.