FR ( / Tehran Iran)

Devil's Night

Black gown of night has covered the Earth
The owl singing for the Devil’s birth
Stars twinkle but the heart is dark
The moon gloomy and the wind stark
The heart beats-but the life- still
The leaves shaking by the wind’s trill
My face is drowned in cascades of tears
My soul trembling with worries and fears
The sad tune of birds makes the shadows dance
My peace torn to pieces by the Devil’s lance
Battered and shattered, grope for help
What else to do, but to shout and yelp
All the hope is gone, all the love is dead
Moments are buried in the hour’s bed
Then a sound rises, shaking roots of Hell
Devil kneels in pain and the demons yell
Cries deafen ears, the Light blinds the eyes
The night fades away, the sun begins to rise
Then the lord cometh with ten thousand saints
The lord who’s not weary, One who never faints

by Farshid Rezaee

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