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Devil's Share
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

Devil's Share

When I am cruel to anyone or another
To whom I hurt, I really have no care or druther
Am I that way because of demonic forces
There is evil in this world and I feel it as it courses
Manifestation of evil in this world I do feel
It overpowers me so much that I go ill
Some people well-being I don't worry and I don't care
When I have that feeling, I give the Devil his share.

I would rather be good and that is the honest truth
As I despise being vulgar, uncivilized and uncouth
But that goodness in me, I just cannot find
Maybe because this world that I live in, it is not that kind
When I do something bad, which is not good for myself
It is always better for me, if I blame it on someone else
Now I end my nights asking forgiveness with a prayer
I know what I have given GOD, I also gave the Devil his share.

Never can I remember the good in a day
I don’t want to help anyone instead I want to runaway
I know the bad that I have done it is written down in a book
Also I know one day that GOD, will take a look
To GOD I have given nothing and I say that with a tear
I pondered if I try to speak to him, would he want to hear
Now when I look in the mirror I wish someone else was there
Because all I see is myself, as I have given the devil his share.

Randy L. McClave

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