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Devils Don'T Dance
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Devils Don'T Dance

I grow tired of waking up
From dreams, disrupted images of what my subconscious believes
Requardless of realities needs
I’d like to sleep until I achieve my dreams
Or the dreams I’m suppose to have
Of cars and houses
Craving pretty pink blouses
Collecting BLING – BLING and getto slang
Process it down to a college girl bang
Poutang in the sheets
When rappers and the middle class meet
“ You see daddy, I’m either this or
I’m either cuttin up or sucking on a fatty
Smoke weed in trees so I can finally come down laughing
Finally come down blabbing. “

America is good at creating this shit
Reproduction is useless, we cloning kids
Jesus makes mad money at the height of his uselessness
Do you really think he’s happy with what the Bushes did?
What kind of Peace was he talking about?
You shout when I pull out my Peace and wave it about
Last nights piece released the tensio
Two chickens fighting looks like they’re n so what am I shouting about?
A little Piece of Peace and my Peace is not so loud.

There’s nothing more violent then a fistfight
Pussies use guns and that’s their right taking flight
Like two cats chillin' under a streetlight.
If we had less laws we’d have less murder.
People would throw down and it wouldn’t come back to hurt ‘em.
But birds tend to chirp so cats, they gotta murder’s
Where are you going bitch, sit down and start learning.

My therapist thinks I’m living life for someone else.
With everyone’s opinion, I’m just not feeling like myself.
My mirror says “ dog, put those pills on the shelf, stop popping that shit or I’m gonna start
Popping something else. “
I’m thirty-one, still dealing with suicide.
My future is pissed that my present holds my past inside.
Thank the creator for Katie, she’s letting me ride
She’s the one true witness when everything collides.

We all have yokes hanging from our necks
They expect us not to notice so we can’t see what’s next.
It’s been scrapping at my neck and my niece is suffering the effects
My sister works two jobs trying to afford those college texts
Because devils don’t dance, they talk with forked tongues.
They got no rhythm when the music starts they run
They think they’re going to heaven when they’re savior comes
Forgiveness isn’t easy
They’ll be confessing to my gun when I come.

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