Im the best of the worst...
My talent is a curse

A beauty in your eyes...
A slave to hell.

Im as fucked up as they come.
My skin is numb to the touch.

As I bleed...
Im thinking of you.

You cant take these chains from my heart.
My worst pain...means your entertained.

Everything in me systematically broken down.
To love I must scrape my heart from the ground.

Dont say you love me...when you really hate.
Im just that dirty, filthy motherfucker.
You say you wanna save me...but I think its too late.
Ticking time bomb hate constrictor.

I lived in love...
Now Im dying in hate.

Save me...oh lord.
Save me from my self.

If you cant save me...
Then nothing in hell will.

by Lance Carthen

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