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Poem By Michelle A. Thomas

Will you still love me when I'm hateful,
Devoted to my poison, endure me through sin
Wicked and tangled, heart and soul forged of tin.

Can you swallow compassion and relinquish empathy,
Live in the affirmed evil, delivered form varnished worlds.
To the cryptic and to the mystic,
to revel in all that I know as true.

Surrender the deathless soul, fumble in it's pain.
Escape to wisdom, a profound lore,
Spawned in passion, entrenched in thirst,
Belive in my kingdom, others vanished in the dead.

Will you love me,
Still want me,
Still need me,
Beseeching my kiss.
Will you love me,
My evil and my sin,
Since suffered all this.

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