On this night of the Waxing Moon
I enter this Sacred Circle
Naked and unadorned
As I kneel at my alter
I call upon the Dragons of the elements
Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit
So that I may use their wisdom
And have their protection
For this Sacred Rite

I close my eyes and invision the Triple Goddess
Holding me in her arms
Madien for the newness of life
That I am seeking
Mother for her nurturing
So that I may be guided in the right direction
Crone for her wisdom
So that I may not disappoint her.

Feeling a slight breeze on my shoulder
I open my eyes
Feeling as though I have been reborn.
I take hold of my athame
Raised high in the air
Beginning my Spiral Dance
In celebration of my new life........

by Chastity Holman

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