DLK (Dec.1948 / Lake Forest, Illinois)


The day creeps in with rising sun, a bird already sings,
I've learned to thoroughly enjoy these things,
I think of you often, when not always, and sometimes cry,
This love for you holds strong and true, I know not why.

Your sweet caress, and pleasant smile,
Have carried me o'er these many mile,
Throughout this journey, and it's colors hue,
There are none as exquisite as you,

You hold my arm, we walk in stride,
I love your strength, your tender pride.
You slow my pace ask what's the rush,
At once I realize, the sternness in your hush,

Steadfast and true, my love for you,
Yet fresh it seems, as a morning dew,
Recalling all I want to say, from the first, until today,
You hold for me a love to test, for you my dear, I'll prove the best.

by Daniel Lloyd Kennedy

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absolutely amazing poem...