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Dew Drops Or Tears
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Dew Drops Or Tears

Dew drops on leaves, so clean and so pure
Humanity lives there I'm very sure
For all kind of problems they are the perfect cure
Be like them and the whole world will be yours
Everyone will leave but they will come everyday

Just like a pearl on leaves they lie,
Just like a kid who is very shy,
Takes more time to come but very less to die,
However, sometimes in your eyes they hide
If you force it to stay in, they trickle down by side,
Reasons can be different but they are never
Always accompany you, they stay forever
Everyone hates them, but if you give it a thought
That is the only thing which can not be sold or bought,
They come to console you when you feel low,
They make you feel better and then they go
So do not despise them as they are so true
Because they know you better...

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Comments (5)

A good start with a nice poem, Anushree. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you
very lovely & soothing poem. also very realistic.. i like the simile and the way u hv linked dew drops and tears..
amazing poem wid a different tint... i simoly love it.
i lke it so much.. the best thing about this poem is its meaning and simile... i wud be really glad if u write more poems like this one...
nice poem Anushree. i like simile and the way you come from dew drops to tears. good work...