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Stick By You

I will stick by you
no matter what you going thought.
All the pain and hurt in your life
God and me will make everything alright.
Call me when u need me
cause you and me are one to be.
You call me when you frown
I am there to make you smile.
Even when i sick and tried
I am still there for you.
I there cause you are my boo.
I feel the pain you going thought
But i never leave you and that the truth.
I love you too much too left u alone
remember when u call me on the phone?
Then i made u moan.
yes i will stick by u
because ur heart is good.
I never go away
because baby i am here to stay.
I will stick by you.
cause know one can't love me the way you do.
And baby that why i so in love with you.

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Very nice poem I enjoyed reading thnx for sharing.