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Dewi Sri, The Goddes Of Rice
PU (07-01-1949 / Kutoarjo)

Dewi Sri, The Goddes Of Rice

In the frontyard and leftside of my grandpa house
When the padi harvests and holiday came
I certainly went to my grandpahouse
Where before and after the harvests we have a religiousmale together
We pray and praise the Lord
Through the smoke of incense up and up to the sky
And the wind brought its to people around the village
For avoiding disaster and thanks to
Dewi Sri, the Goddes of Rice (fertility goddes)

My partjob is waiting the rice in the place for drying
firewood, from morning till evening
Till its rice and firewood to become dry
While I saw some people were paced back and forth over the path
Beside my grandpahouse
To carry padis on the back after the harvest
With pureface
After they got part of their work during threemonth
In the ricefields
Wheter they have and havenot the ricefield
When I am boring for waiting
I called the people who sell the sugarcandy
I Change its with my grandma rice
When teh eveing came I feel tired
waiting the rice dried the whole day
my grandma brought torch made from coconut leafe
went to uncle Amat Sirat
Where his wife able to massage while her whusband work in the ricefield
Malam istrinya memijat kakiku yang pegel, ototku yang kaku,
At that night she massages my foot who feel tired
After the holiday finish
I turnback to the town
Back to school
(Bogor 23 Juni 2005) .

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