Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is metabolic disorder of everlasting nature,
Insulin is the main factor, to bring the anomaly in order.
Diabetes is of two types- type 1 and type 2
Type 1 occurs in young age and type 2 in older.
Family history of diabetes usually absent in type 1
But it is positive mostly in the other type (type 2) .
Insulin is the only agent to treat type 1,
Insulin, orals can be used to control type 2.
Low sugar is the main hazard in treating diabetes
It may endanger life as instant complication.
Regular meal, medicinal adjustment, better understanding
Is the key to avoid detrimental low sugar complication!
Low sugar manifests as excess hunger, sweating, weakness.
High sugar reflects by excess hunger, thirst, urination.
High blood sugar for long time provokes malfunctions
Sets complication gradually in all the vital organs
Regular meal, regular exercise, adherent to medicine
Regular check up, no tobacco and proper relaxation-
These are the vital factors to manage diabetes
And in the long run too, to avoid complication!
Control of blood pressure, body weight and cholesterol
Are also essential to prevent diabetic complication!
Let come and join together to fight against diabetes
And dream of the blue circle to turn out realism!


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Thank you for sharing this informative poem on Diabetes.10
A very informative and important write. It expresses in beautiful detail the nature and prevention of diabetes. Well penned.